The Science Of Gossip and Rumors

Gossip is something that’s been around for ages- it’s even talked about in the Bible! Trace explains how gossip and rumor have plain an important role on human evolution and its impact on society.

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How Gossip Works
“Even if you’ve never taken a class in 18th century Russian history, you’ve probably heard the story about Catherine the Great. According to the lore, Catherine II, Empress of Russia, died under questionable circumstances involving a horse.”

The Science of Gossip: Why We Can’t Stop Ourselves
“In the past few years I have heard more people than ever before puzzling over the 24/7 coverage of people such as Paris Hilton who are “celebrities” for no apparent reason other than we know who they are.”

WikiLeaks Secrets: Is Gossip Good?
“The latest WikiLeaks document dump made public thousands of U.S. embassy cables, revealing decades of behind-the-scenes diplomatic chatter.”

Interpersonal chemistry through negativity: Bonding by sharing negative attitudes about others
“Shared attitudes have long been assumed to foster positive feelings between people. Heider (1946, 1958), for example, proposed that if two people share a positive or a negative attitude about a third party, then psychological ”balance” is established. Such balance, in turn, promotes friendship.”

Why Gossip Is Good For The Office
“Most of us feel a twinge of guilt when we gossip about our co-workers. But a paper by two professors at the University of Amsterdam has found that gossip helps identify employees who are shirking their responsibility, making the office a more efficient place.”

Gossip: good or bad?
“We use a lot of different words to describe gossip. We chat. We yak. We get the scuttlebutt. We gab, we dish, and we chew the fat. We hear it through the grapevine, listen to the word of mouth – sometimes straight from the horse’s mouth. Tongues, they wag. There must be something important about all this idle chit-chat to demand such an extensive and colourful vocabulary!”

“With friends, colleagues or family, saying bad things about other people feels good.”

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