the REAL reason you’re ugly without makeup.

Want to know the REAL reason you’re ugly without makeup? THIS is it.

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I feel like society has created this expectation of women (and some men too!), that we are supposed to look flawless 24/7. We’re not allowed to have pimples, dark circles, wrinkles or texture. And if we do we should hide it with makeup. But then we also shouldn’t wear too much makeup! And if we look like real human being with imperfections? Well then we’re just not good enough. That’s what the magazines and social media would have you believe anyway. We have instagram influencers and famous people posting fake ‘no makeup’ selfies, in flattering lighting, probably with makeup on anyway, and then the selfie is edited too. It’s not wonder we can develop a complex when we compare what we see in the mirror to what we see online.

If you feel like you only look beautiful with your makeup on then I have one thing to tell you. Your face is your face, whether you have makeup on or not. Therefore if you feel like you look good with it on, then you look good with it off too. Yes i’m going to look different if i have an entire face of glam makeup on – but its still my face. Makeup is not plastic surgery. If you feel good with your makeup on, then feel good without it too, because you’re beautiful.

I’m not ugly without makeup, and you’re not ugly without makeup. But do you know what is ugly? Our society and the ridiculous unrealistic expectations it puts on us.

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