Testing Luxury vs. Affordable TikTok Dupes?!

We tried trendy TikTok fashion dupes AGAIN! Were they worth the hype?! Next, watch us try on Amazon swimsuits with ZERO reviews! ►► https://youtu.be/-leb9Ic1Hr0
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What We Tried!

Aritzia Cropped Tank: https://bit.ly/39TGG5J
Forever 21 Cropped Tank: https://fave.co/3nl2Kcp
TikTok: @jacksonmoehler

Alo Yoga Tennis Skirt: https://fave.co/3HUcsfj
Aerie Tennis Skirt: https://fave.co/39ZJgqL
TikTok: @dianezambardi

Urban Outfitters Corset Top: https://fave.co/3NoeN3d
Hollister Corset Top: https://fave.co/3HVKzDv
TikTok: @isabellaking

SKIMS Maxi Dress: https://fave.co/3yne7H2
FashionNova Maxi Dress: https://bit.ly/3bx4tc1
TikTok: @officialnaellie

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Senior Producer: Bridget Moriarty
Production Assistant: Phoebe Balson
Camera Operator: Russ Ferguson 
Camera Operator: EJ Locke
Editor: Ryan Tellez

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FTC Disclaimer: Clevver Style participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commission on products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

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