Police Department Captain Is Arrested For DUI & Asks Officer To Turn Off Body Camera Repeatedly

#Oklahoma City #Police Department Captain James “Matt” French Is Arrested For DUI & Asks Officer To Turn Off Body Camera 3.17.2023 – TheHollywoodFix.net
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A captain with the Oklahoma City Police Department was arrested earlier this week for allegedly driving under the influence, and repeatedly asking the arresting officer to turn off his body-worn camera, video shows. The video released by the police department shows Captain James “Matt” French, 55, being pulled over early Sunday morning in his city-issued SUV for allegedly swerving and speeding. French exits the vehicle, while Sgt. Chris Skinner orders him to get back inside. “I’m—“ French begins to say. “Drunk?” Skinner asks. “No, I’m a captain,” French says. “Of what? … get back in your car,” Skinner says. “You been drinking tonight, sir?” Skinner asks. “I’m a captain of the police department,” French whispers. Skinner asks which police department. “Oklahoma City,” French says. He then points to his chest and whispers, “turn your camera off.” Skinner refuses, but French asks him to turn the camera off several more times during the interaction, repeating his status as captain. Skinner said French was slurring his speech and had watery eyes, and conducted a field sobriety test, which French failed. French said he drank “three or four” beers during a poker game. Separate video from the officer’s police cruiser / car shows French being asked to walk in a straight line before being handcuffed. French was booked at the Oklahoma County Detention Center and was released on bond. He was placed on administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing.

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