Lindsay Albanese Celebrity Fashion Stylist Talks With Amanda Jane Clarkson Millionairess Magazine

Lindsay Albanese Celebrity Fashion Stylist Talks With Amanda Jane Clarkson Millionairess Magazine about Consistency & Persistence

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The gorgeous Lindsay Albanese is a celebrity fashion stylist and inventor, with an incredibly inspirational story to share about her journey in life and business.

Lindsay couldn’t wait to get out of high school to choose her own destiny. At just 20, the self-admitted ‘most likely not to succeed’ young entrepreneur created her own career.

A fashion stylist didn’t really exist back in 2001. In a time where there was no Google, no smartphones, years from social media, Lindsay had to become an investigator.

“It was grassroots, like I was an investigator. I had to investigate how I was going to make this happen and teach myself how to become a stylist,” Lindsay said.

With ambition and persistence to boot, Lindsay carved a highly successful career styling the stars, working on Britney Spear videos and lending her invaluable style advice to TV and print media, as well as to Hollywood’s most recognizable names.

“It was a dream. I made a lot of money and travelled the world. But, I was sick of the politics and being at everyones beck and call. It wore on me,” she says.

Often left carrying her clients’ hats and accessories at film festivals and red carpet events, Albanese was clever enough to invent the perfect accessory. TopTote. A patented, magnetic clip that, once fastened to your bag’s handle, does that job for you. Never again would hats be squashed or folded or left behind with this super-simple invention.

So, Lindsay did a full pivot. Living the life many women only dream about, had been only one chapter of this savvy business woman’s career, as she embarked on a new adventure as an inventor.

“It was a constant pursuit to figure everything out, researching everything. My only superpower was the fact that I am an expert question asker and my ego doesn’t come into it. I literally called everyone. People were so willing to talk about their entrepreneurial journey and share their knowledge. Unabashedly asking questions has definitely been a big super power,” she says.

Lindsay shares the ups and downs of building and scaling her business, her consistent and persistent rise to fame in social media and being able to self fund her own business ventures.

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