Kim Kardashian SLAMMED For KKW Casting Call For This Reason

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Kim Kardashian West is under fire again, but this time it’s for a KKW Beauty casting call.

Hey Kim! I’ll model your makeup…if you’re considering guys.

When Kim Kardashian West launched her makeup line, it sold out in less than three hours making an estimated 14.4 million dollars. Since then, her line has expanded and continued to be a success, but a recent casting call caused just a little bit of controversy because of it’s lack of inclusion. So KKW Beauty launched a casting call in the LA area and on the notice it said all the details including “This call is open to all women 18+”. Now most wouldn’t see anything wrong with this, but makeup artist, vlogger, and first male cover girl, tweeted Kim saying, “Sister @KimKardashian!
There are thousands of boys in cosmetics who love you & I’m sure would be honored to slay a photo shoot for you! This is disappointing.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but not before some outlets picked it up. People Magazine posted an article titled, “Kim Kardashian Slammed By Male Beauty Blogger for Only Asking Women to Model for Her Makeup Line.” and James Charles responded by tweeting, I would love to know where exactly I “slammed” her? I love @KimKardashian with all of my heart lmao how about you write about actual news like how you can text RESIST to 50409 to save net neutrality.”

Following that tweet, someone tweeted, “Stop changing the subject just because you fucked up lol. Not to mention you tried to delete the tweet. Too bad hundreds of people already saw it. No need to delete it if you weren’t embarrassed by how it was understood lmao” Then he replied again saying, “I didn’t fuck anything up Lindsey, I reached out to her team directly & deleted my tweet because It didn’t need to be handled publicly. Never slammed her & I’m certainly not embarrassed for standing up for boys in beauty”

Well he definitely let us all know how he feels about the situation, but I’m glad that he cleared the air and let us know that he’s handling the matter with her team privately now. Anyway, let me know what you guys think about what James had to say. Does he have a right to be upset that it was for women only? Let us know in the comment section below and of course thanks for hanging out with me here on Newsfeed. I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.

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