Hollywood Magician – Performing TELEPATHY on CELEBRITIES!

Got my name mentioned in the press!

Photo Recap: Sean Kingston, Stanaj and more attend celebrity publicist Dawn Miller birthday party over the weekend


14 years ago I was an exchanged student in Canada. At 12 years old I was at a foreign country alone and couldn’t speak a single word of English. I was bullied and picked on by the 8th graders. That experience destroyed my self-esteem and confidence as a young boy. Until one day I discovered magic as a universal language. Magic gave me a new identity so I could “fit in” at school and actually start to make friends and gain confidence.

Fast forward 14 years I am now 27 years old. Without any magician mentor, I’ve studied ancient Chinese mysticism, sleight of hand, modern technology, mind reading, hypnotism and I can now truly provide an experience of “Real Magic” with a twist of modern technology.

Magic has been life changing for me as a young entrepreneur. Magic had given me a chance to make friends, to make my Asian parents proud(this is real magic), to have the ability to marry the girl I love, and to provide a decent life for my newborn daughter. Now, I would like to use the same magic that changed my life to change people’s perspective and influence people’s belief.
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