FIRST Pic From Aladdin Live-Action Posted & Why New Cast Member Has People Angry

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The original animated version of Aladdin was… perfect. And since the story of Aladdin is Middle Eastern, the film was all shades of brown. However fans across the interweb are accusing Disney of being racially insensitive in its casting of the new live action reboot of Aladdin. Why the whitelash? Instead of leaving the story as is which would require that the entire cast be people of color, which as you know is a very scary thought for old white male producers- instead the writers have invented a brand new character named Prince Anders- a foreign white suitor who wants to get it on with Jasmine, and they’ve cast the uber talented Billy Magnussen from Into The Woods to play this new Anglo prince. Essentially, the sentiment is that Prince Anders is an extraneous white character that was added to the story to de-ethnicize it a little, make it a bit more palatable for white audiences. Which, if the film was premiering in Sweden maybe I’d get it, but America is a bright-ass rainbow of colors so why can’t we just honor the film in its original middle eastern glory? The tweets coming out of this debacle are priceless. Lauren Thoman tweeted “I have so much side-eye for this I think my head just did a full Linda Blair 360.” Another tweet read, “so they “couldn’t find” a middle Eastern Jasmine but they can add a completely new made up WHITE GUY.” This person wrote, “The gentrification of Agrabah has begun. Next up, gourmet, artisanal hummus.” Pretty clever! But my favorite reads: “Like, serious talk here. Fellow White people, it’s okay to not be in literally everything. Seriously, it’s FINE.” Another racial point of contention is that a half-Indian actress has been cast as Princess Jasmine… which for many people is no big deal. But when for centuries Indians and Arabs have been shoved in the same Pan-brown category when they’re both culturally very different groups, then it just reinforces the ignorance. Know what I mean? You smell what I’m stepping in? On a lighter note, the first official set photo has been released. Check out the main cast! Their smiles put me at ease. May the film kick as much ass as the first. Do you have any thoughts on the controversies behind the Aladdin castings? Please tell me below. And please be nice. I’m your girl Miriam Isa, you can hit me up on all my socials @Miriamisa on Twitter, @Miriam_isa on Instagram cuz some bitch stole my name, then click here to see why Kim K is facing a backlash over her inappropriate Back-to-School kids clothes. As always I’m your host Miriam Isa, I’ll see you guys next time.

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