Famous Celebs Caught Being JERKS In Real Life

10 Famous People Caught Being Jerks In Real Life

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We all have our moments where we don’t exactly handle tough situations with the utmost grace and civility. However, when celebs dedicate so much time, money, and effort into crafting a perfect public persona, it can be shocking when stories of them behaving badly surface. Sure, some celebs have been arrested for huge things, but we are talking about more benign, everyday instances of just being plain old jerks. It could be sniping at a fellow star on social media, like anti-bullying advocate Demi Lovato, or reacting to a tense situation by hurling insults and faking a pregnancy like Reese Witherspoon. At an award show where she was to be honored, Emma Watson couldn’t seem to care less as she showed up far more than fashionably late, snubbed the red carpet, and ditched the afterparty entirely. Of course, many of these stars will claim that their actions were taken out of context, which was Ariana Grande’s excuse for her combination donut licking spree and anti-American tirade. It turns out, she’s just really passionate about healthy food, so don’t worry! In addition to her beauty, Angelina Jolie is also known for her humanitarian efforts, but it turns out she isn’t always so kind to her own family members. Former employees allege she has a very different persona at home than the one we see in public. Sometimes celebrities try to pull rank to get special treatment, but Liam Payne learned the hard way that doesn’t work everywhere.

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