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From miniskirts to velour sets, here’s what talk show host and internet sensation Ziwe wears in the latest episode of “7 Days, 7 Looks.” Ziwe talks about her favorite work looks, declares what she would wear at the “country club,” and shows off her incredible Canadian tuxedo dance club ensemble.

Shop 7 Days 7 Looks:

Miu Miu Forma slingbackpenny loafers: https://bit.ly/3EdA4dk
Miu Miu cropped cashmere sweater: https://fave.co/3V2ZCRr
Puppets and Puppets cookie top handle bag: https://bit.ly/3tPXzVj
Lelet NY Alice shearling headband: https://bit.ly/3TFNN2r
Miu Miu chino mini skirt: https://bit.ly/3UF42Ou

Jeffrey Campbell Thundrstrm western rain boots: https://bit.ly/3EwEnSm
Versace Medusa Harlequin cardigan: https://bit.ly/3GixtS5
Versace checker knit sweater: https://bit.ly/3g50iH8
Versace La Medusa vanity bag: https://bit.ly/3UVu0No
Versace mini skirt: https://fave.co/3AdjJnF

Sami Miro Vintage x Levi’s circle pocket jacket: https://fave.co/3AluYdV
Loewe ripped denim stiletto mules: https://fave.co/3g5zCWy
Sami Miro Vintage x Levi’s circle cutout jeans: https://fave.co/3EyuCTK
Ruslan Baginskiy baker boy cap: https://fave.co/3X77va4
Loewe cat-eye sunglasses: https://bit.ly/3X3dTzd

Roberto Cavalli leather and lace maxi dress: https://fave.co/3TAqHtT
Crocs mega crush clog: https://fave.co/3TMEzBC
Khiry Adisa drop earrings: https://bit.ly/3E8CytG


Brandon Blackwood Bianca duffle: https://fave.co/3TExDGk
Off-White logo puffer ski overalls: https://fave.co/3UUsoEd
Brandon Blackwood Kira puffer: https://fave.co/3UI6F20
Emma Brewin black bucket hat: https://fave.co/3GzYLDR
Miu Miu platform sneakers: https://bit.ly/3TGChnn

Fila by Brandon Maxwell pleated skort: https://fave.co/3TFn06m
New Balance gray 574+ sneakers: https://bit.ly/3X6paPm
Fila by Brandon Maxwell 2-piece polo tank: https://fave.co/3AkFO42

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