Ep. 3 – Someone’s Going To Be A Model… Why Not You? | Supreme Models

The rise of Hip-Hop in the 80’s set the stage for Black Models to rip the runway and turn the fashion industry on its head. The absolute icon that is Karen Alexander shares her incredible triumphs of forging a path that would leave a lasting legacy on the culture and fashion industry. We look at how music became entwined with fashion and how the camaraderie between Black models set the foundation for the Black Girls Coalition with Bethanne Hardison and Iman at the helm.

Supreme Models is a 6-part documentary. New episodes premiere Mondays.

Music Featured:
Written by Randolph Newman and Myles Moraites
Performed by Myles Williams & Titus
Courtesy of MicDrop

“Dream Big (feat. Kris Bradley)”
Written by Jonathan Notar, Albert Scott Risi, Paul James Riggio and Kris Bradley
Performed by Machines A.T.O.
Courtesy of Crucial Music Corporation

“High Elevation”
Written by Lashanda Johnson and John A Costello
Performed by City Lyfe
Courtesy of JC3 Publishing LLC.

“Watch Me”
Written by Peter Higher
Performed by Altitude Music
Courtesy of BMG Production Music

“Mon Roi”
Written by Cecile Pereira and John A Costello
Performed by Cecile Hortensia
Courtesy of JC3 Publishing LLC.

“When It’s Over”
Written by Kevin Qjan and Shuba Vedula
Performed by Shuba
Courtesy of MicDrop

0:00 Intro
0:46 The 1980’s Are Here
2:41 Karen Alexander’s Story
5:27 The Emergence Of Naomi Campbell
9:05 Being In The Minority
12:02 Hair Horror Stories
14:49 Roshumba Williams’ Story
19:17 Bethann To The Rescue

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