Emily Ratajkowski Opens Up About Her Body, Dating & Divorce | Vogue

Model and author Emily Ratajkowski stopped by Vogue’s Forces of Fashion to talk all things wellness, the modeling industry and motherhood before a crowd of fashion insiders and fans. Emily also deep dives on her life after divorce, her feelings about “Blurred Lines” 10 years later, and the lasting effects of being one of the most photographed women in the world.

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0:00 – Live From New York!
0:35 – Being one of the most photographed women in the world
2:35 – Starting Modeling
5:09 – Looking back at “Blurred Lines”
8:17 – How Emily stays “Healthy”
10:34 – Emily on writing
12:57 – Being Underestimated
14:13 – Emily’s son
14:59 – Mom advice
16:37 – Her changing body after motherhood
18:11 – Dating as a mom
19:03 – Divorce
20:30 – Dating apps
21:34 – What makes Emily swipe right
22:07 – On getting married again
22:16 – Emily’s last kiss
22:26 – What’s next?

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