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Celebrities That Have Been To Jail

Going to prison, or getting arrested is not all that strange for humans. It’s normal to get into trouble with the law from time to time from issues such as tax evasion to perjury, to drug-related offenses, or even driving under influence.
Well not that we are saying it’s a good thing or something, but it happens. People have to pay for their crimes because that’s why these institutions are created. So how about we take a look at some celebrities who have faced jail time for different reasons because apparently, celebrities are not above the law.
These celebrities below have either faced their time for minor or major offenses, and some paid heavily for these crimes.
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Remy Ma is known for her hit songs which include Ante Up (Remix), Lean Back, Conceited and All The Way Up. The singer is a recipient of two Vibe awards, two Source awards, and has been nominated for three Grammy awards.
On the 27th day in March, Remy was found guilty of two charges of assault and this is in connection with the argument she reportedly had with a friend of hers, Makeda Barnes-Joseph just the year before in July and the argument which happened with the duo struggling in the car had Makeda shot twice. People claim the argument ensued as a result of Ma accusing Makeda of stealing $3000 from her.
At the end of the court case, she was sentenced to eight years in prison by the New York Supreme Court on the charges of assault, from the original 13 years requested by the prosecution. Remy told the court “I’m not a thug… I’m not a hard-core anything, I have feelings. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, big sister.”
She was however released in 2014 and she released the comeback song All The Way Up Collaboration with Fat Joe, which received two Grammy nominations at the 2017 ceremony.

Abby Lee Miller is the founder of the renowned Abby Lee Dance Company which appeared on the reality television series Dance Moms for eight seasons.
In 2015, Abby was indicted for fraud, and this set a couple of legal problems in motion. In September 2010, which was before the start of her Dance Moms career, she filed for bankruptcy and she reportedly owed more than $400,000 in real estate taxes and by the time she began racking in checks from the show, she decided to hide her income.
Through this, her Bankruptcy reorganization plan was still in the process of getting approved by the judge, who then came across her show just before he could pass the final judgment. After trial, Abby was sentenced to a year and one day in prison coupled with two years of supervised release and fines of $40,000 and $120,000.
However, she could not complete this sentence term as she was discovered by doctors to have Spiral cancer. After her release, she underwent Chemotherapy and emergency spinal surgery which rendered her unable to walk.

Michelle Rodriguez once had a DUI conviction in California in 2007 and though she was sentenced to 6 months behind bars, she was released after 18 days as a result of ‘overcrowding’, something quite common amongst celebrities.









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