Celebrities Making A Statement With Optical Illusion Fashion

No, you do not need glasses! These celebrities are tricking you with these out of this world optical illusion outfits!

Everyone from Cardi B to Zendaya and Solange have had us looking twice with their outfits that trick us into thinking that they look a different way. We’re not even mad about it because they’ve given us some serious fashion inspo for when we can go out again.

It doesn’t stop at outfits, celebrities have been known to get creative with their makeup and hairstyles too, forcing us to take a second, third and fourth glance!

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Written by: Jenn S.
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: Ajay Danny

For copyright matters please contact us at: legal@valnetinc.com


0:00 INTRO
0:37 Cardi B
1:27 Kim Kardashian
2:18 Joey King
2:42 Gigi Hadid
3:08 Cara Delevingne
3:43 Storm Reid
4:08 Solange
4:42 Celine Dion
5:16 Zendaya
5:57 Addison Rae
6:40 Billie Eilish
7:17 Ruby Rose
7:43 Yara Shahidi
8:10 Ezra Miller
8:52 Meghan Markle
9:35 Christina Aguilera
10:26 END