Celebrities in Gaming – Busted Buttons Ep. 36

We start with a quick update on Hick and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Did he buy the Nintendo game? He also talks briefly about a new game he started playing on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), New Super Lucky’s Tale.

We then dive into our first topic, final bosses. Do we like to see them throughout the game or only at the end? Do we prefer to fight them multiple times or only once?

Afterwards, we address open world traveling. What methods do we prefer? Does it vary by game? Overall, do we run, ride, or fast travel the most?

Later, we talk celebrities in video games. Do we enjoy seeing them? Are there times where it works and other times where it doesn’t? Will voice actors become celebrities with the gaming industry getting so big?

We end with an interesting discussion on how we like to hear the audio in our games. Do we use a sound system with large speakers and a subwoofer? Do we prefer to use headphones?

Chapter Markers

01:24 – Hick Age of Calamity Update
02:36 – New Super Lucky’s Tale Too Cute?
04:58 – Final Bosses
12:03 – Open World Traveling
22:32 – Celebrities in Video Games
35:20 – Audio Preferences When Gaming
45:34 – Wrap Up

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