Cardi B Gets Ready for the Schiaparelli Show | Vogue

Cardi B attends the Schiaparelli couture show at the Petit Palais. Vogue follows Cardi every step of the way, from her beauty routine to her choice of outfit – a custom black dress embellished with Schiaparelli’s signature gold detailing. The rapper reveals why she loves France and Paris so much (with a special shout-out for truffle pasta!), before talking about her relationship with fashion.

Featuring: Cardi B
Director: Tim Jarrosson
Journalist: Alexandre Marain
Head of production : Amaury Delcambre
Sound Engineer : Hubert Rey Grange
Stylist: Kollin Carter
Casting Video Manager: Adèle Ligerot
Casting Video Coordinator: Sarah Tauxe
Post Producer Agathe Romain
Editor: Laurène Vanacker
Color Grade: Rafael Sultan
Mix: Manuel Lormel
Motion Design: Gabriel Delmas
Motion Design Assistant: Hannae Khennoussi
Video Development: Louise des Ligneris
Programming Lead: Stéphanie Amaya
Creative Optimistaion Manager : Marie Jaso
Head of Video: Thomas Leroy
Head of Editorial Content: Eugénie Trochu

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