Buying Mystery Etsy Items Based ONLY On Reviews?!

We’re buying items from ETSY based ONLY on their customer reviews! Then, join as we honor our Black style icons and their iconic outfits! ►►
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What We Unboxed!
Rhinestone Cup –
Dried Flowers Resin Minnie Ears –
Cotton Rope Dog Leash –
Bubble Candles –
Similar Central Perk T-Shirts –
Hairy Slother Mug –
Corn Scented Ear of Corn Soap –
Similar Strawberry Dresses –
Coffee Break Butter Slime Set –
Paul Rudd Pillow – No longer available

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Senior Producer: Bridget Moriarty
Producer: Katherine Silva
Production Assistant: Phoebe Balson
Camera Operator: Russ Ferguson
Camera Operator: EJ Locke
Editor: Now Creatives

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