Bella Thorne SLAMMED By Fans After Pics Of Swollen Lips

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Bella Thorne is starring in the upcoming film, Midnight Sun, following a girl that finds love while suffering from a genetic condition that prohibits her from being in the sun. The trailer looks very cute but many fans are saying it looks too similar to another trailer for a movie called ‘Everything, Everything’ that came out earlier this year. ‘Everything, Everything’ is a movie about a girl, played by Amandla Stenberg, with a disease that keeps her from going outside. Let’s compare, shall we? Here’s a clip from the ‘Midnight Sun’ trailer.
I can definitely see the similarities, though the plots do seem to be quite different, despite both girls suffering from something that keeps them indoors. Bella’s character is able to go out at night, whereas Amandla’s character can’t go out at all. But I’ll let you guys be the judge.
Speaking of Bella getting into some hot water with fans, she recently got into some trouble after walking the KISS FM iheartradio Jingle Ball carpet this past weekend in LA, when fans noticed her lips looked a litttttle bit fuller than usual. People were saying she looked “terrible” and “fake” but matters only got worse when she shared her own photo from the carpet on Instagram. Many comments said things like “WTF with her lips” and “omg! What happened to your lips oh my god!!” and many other lip hatin’ things.
But according to Bella, this was actually an allergic reaction. Earlier in the day, she posted a pic of her inflated lips to her snapchat story, captioning it, “I ate something I’m allergic to again”
So, was it an allergic reaction? Was it a lip filler reaction? You guys tell me. Also let me know in the comments below whether or not you think her new movie ‘Midnight Sun’ is copying ‘Everything, Everything.’ I’m your girl Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time.

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