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YouTube is gradually opening up access to its flagship platform — on a supervised basis — to underage tweens and teen users whose parents feel they are ready to browse beyond the dedicated YouTube Kids app, which the video giant has expressly built for users 13 and under.
With the new option, parents will be able to set up a managed YouTube account for their children, including for kids legally barred from using regular YouTube by themselves (in the U.S., that applies to those under 13; the age varies in different countries). Children with these accounts will not be able to upload videos or comment, and they’ll have various content filters to restrict which videos they can watch.

YouTube Will Begin Letting Underage Users Onto Its Flagship Platform — With Parental Supervision


Lady Gaga’s dog walker which ended with the dog walker shot and 2 of her dogs stolen.
The surveillance video from a neighbor’s home shows a white sedan roll up on the dog walker, Ryan Fischer, and 2 men get out of the backseat … you hear one of the men cock the gun, saying, “give it up.” Fischer puts up a fight, screaming for help and yelling for Koji — one of the dogs — before the gun goes off, striking Fischer in the chest … he immediately hits the sidewalk. Each of the thieves then pile into the backseat, with one dog per person … the second dog can be heard yelping as it’s taken … and the third dog left behind runs back to Fischer.

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