5 Taylor Swift “…Ready For It?” Fan Theories – Who Is It REALLY About?!

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It’s safe to say that no weekend leading up to the release of Taylor Swift’s Reputation album is safe from an Internet-shattering surprise, and this past Labor Day holiday weekend was no exception. After teasing what we now know to be the first track on the record during a college football promo for the Florida State vs. Alabama game on ESPN on Saturday, the track in its entirely was released early Sunday morning, and everything from Taylor’s quick-momentum lyrics, to the mystery romance is polar opposite from “Look What You Made Me Do”.

One thing that continued to spark interest besides the completely new upbeat sound Taylor samples is who the song is about – seeing that many of the lyrics hint at a secret love affair, many have already began pointing fingers at Taylor’s new beau Joe Alwyn. In one of the verses, Taylor sings about taking her time with a “new man” who is younger than all her exes, and last time we checked, Taylor has a couple years on Joe…

Seeing that Joe is only 26 years old compared to Taylor’s past exes, including Calvin, Tom, John and Jake who were all in their 30s, this could be a possibility. One fan even went as far to say that since this is the first track off the album, this is Taylor’s introduction of Joe, saying QUOTE, “I love the fact that #ReadyForIt is about Joe Alwyn. It’s Taylor’s way to introduce us to him.”

They even compared lyrics about the island breeze and that “no one has to know” with the island in London in which Joe is from, where Taylor has reportedly been spending a lot of her time off.

But believe it or not, there are still some Haylor fans out there who think that the song is referring to Harry Styles, who also took a Caribbean vacation together before abruptly calling it quits. They also referenced at the age difference between Harry and Taylor, and even went as far to relate Taylor’s lyric that reads, “But if he’s a ghost then I can be a phantom”, to Harry’s song called “Two Ghosts”… clearly people don’t forget.

But there’s still a select few that are convinced the song is about Taylor’s past relationships with both Calvin Harris and then Tom Hiddleston that were called fake, and highly publicized in the media. One fan caught onto the reference Taylor made when she sang, “He can be my jailer, Burton to this Taylor,” by recalling Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as one of the first couples to receive excess media attention that negatively impacted their relationship. The fan also pointed out other conspiracy clues, saying QUOTE, “Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times, Taylor Swift has had 8 exes. They both couldn’t escape the spotlight and went to extreme lengths to avoid it.”

And going along with the Calvin theory, seeing that this is the first track on the album, one fan predicts that Taylor’s public relationship with Calvin was where it all started, saying QUOTE, “OK but ready for it is most likely going to be track 1, which means that is all started with calvin????”

We all know Taylor keeps her lyrics extremely open-ended, that is, unless she actually says their names in her songs, so we may never know the actual meaning behind the track, but right now I want to know YOUR theories on who “Ready For It” is about, so get to talking down here in the comments, and after that, be sure to click right over here to get all the details on Taylor’s busy weekend being a maid of honor for her friend Abigail – (seriously, is this girl like Superwoman or something?) Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see you next time.

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