10 Ridiculously Expensive Celebrity Birthday Gifts!

Top 10 most extravagant birthday presents celebrities and rich people can afford to give!
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The practice of gift giving is an age old tradition that manages to still stress people out to ridiculous extents. Buying the wrong gift can cause a marriage to break up, a child to hold resentment towards a parent, or end a friendship. The right gift, especially a birthday gift, can strengthen connections and cause a reciprocation of an equally amazing gift, if not better. A birthday symbolizes another year of being alive and growing another year older. The birthdays we celebrated when we were younger tended to be more elaborate with dramatic presentations of birthday cake and presents. With milestone birthdays, like a 16th birthday where a car would be the typical gift, or a 21st birthday with gifts coming in the form of alcoholic beverages, there is the expectation for expensive gifts in one way or another.
When you’re a celebrity, it’s easy to have an extra few hundred thousand dollars lying around to purchase an extravagant birthday gift for a loved one or even an acquaintance. From cars to boats to exotic animals, the people on this list spared no expense when showing their love and appreciation to the birthday boy or girl. The items on this list are almost enough to make you want to become friends with a celebrity in hopes of making it big in the bank with an expensive gift. As you go through this video and take a peak at some of the most expensive birthday gifts ever, start making your list to hand out to your friends and family for what you want on your special day.

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Jet – $60 Million
Burton-Taylor Diamond – $1.1 Million
Maybach – $360,000
Ferrari – $280,000
Trip to Space – $100,000
Speedboat – $100,000
Range Rover – $90,000
Two Bicycles – $46,000
Trike – $30,000
Bike – $12,000

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