10 Celebs who are Unrecognizable without Makeup | Celebrities Without Makeup

10 Celebs who are Unrecognizable without Makeup

Celebrities have access to some of the highest quality makeup and strategic filters, so it’s no surprise that they always look picture-perfect, just ready to jump on a red carpet. Some transformations are more dramatic than others. Today on Variety top, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 celebrities who are unrecognizable without makeup, but before we get into that, do not forget to like and share this video. Some of these celebs have their beauty product brands, but they know that you do not need any product to make you feel beautiful.

Kylie Jenner
Makeup billionaire Kylie Jenner is unarguably gorgeous. Not only is Kylie Jenner an expert at selling makeup, but she is also practically elevated wearing it to an art form. She once shared her makeup routine in a video on her page. In the video, she used thirty-seven different products to achieve her signature look. Considering how much effort she puts into her makeup, one would not be surprised how quite different she would look when she doesn’t have the makeup on. Sometimes, she just wants to lay back and relax in her natural beauty, something she has in abundance.

Cardi B
Whether you disapprove of her style or not, Cardi B isn’t afraid to be herself anywhere. Everything about her is extra, so imagine how extra her makeup will be. Without her bold eye shadows and carefully lined lips, it may be a bit difficult to recognize her. Her eye shadow has to keep up with her eyebrows. According to her makeup artist, Erika La’Pearl, she applies Cardi’s eye shadow under her brow bone in the cut crease. So when she lifts her eyebrows, the shadows fall right into place. Her fans were proud of her when she shared her makeup-free selfie. Although she looks different without makeup, her attitude remains the same, and her fans love her for it.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga loves to keep things interesting, and that is true about her makeup as well. However, she is not at all afraid to post a photo au Naturale. A fresh-faced Lady Gaga is quite uncommon, but it might be a good thing. According to her, whenever she can’t settle on a look and finds herself trying to reinvent her routine everyday, it means her emotions are in turmoil. In other words, when she’s stressed, she applies makeup. Her long time makeup artist Sarah claims that Gaga sees makeup as a suit of armor that lives her ready to face whatever comes next. When she is not wearing her makeup, she does look very different, but she is still stunning.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry is another talented singer who has never been shy when it comes to her fans. She isn’t afraid to push the envelope in terms of style or to task the limit of her eyeliner. Seeing this star without her makeup is pretty surprising. Her makeup routine enhances her eyes, making them look bigger by adding a dark shadow in the crease and a couple of champagne colors at the center, but at the end of the day, this star knows that the most important step in her skincare routine is remembering to take her makeup off before going to bed. With or without makeup, we would know those blue eyes anywhere.

Nicki Minaj
Based on her fierce and wild style, you might be surprised to know that Nicki Minaj likes to keep her makeup routine super simple, at least when she is applying it herself. She believes in having a streamlined routine with simple products. However, even without her basic makeup on, she looks like a pretty different person. One time she shared a photo of her coming right out of the shower. According to Nicki, her stylist has tons of different products in every color imaginable, which is why you see her looking so glam on the red carpet. When she is not dressed up for the carpet and without makeup, Nicki Minaj is still a stunner.

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