10 Celebrities Who Live In Florida | J.Lo, The Rock & More

10 Celebrities Who Live In Florida | J.Lo, The Rock & More
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Florida is located on the Southeastern coast of the United States. It’s the state that most resembles a, well, you know and it borders both Georgia and Alabama. On the East side of the state is the Atlantic Ocean and on the South-West end, you’ll discover the Gulf of Mexico. A whole bunch of us who didn’t grow up in the United States might assume that Miami is the capital city of the state, after all, it definitely gets the most worldwide attention. But the Capital of Florida is actually Tallahassee – the city that’s almost as difficult to spell as it is fun to say. If you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself living down here you’ll enjoy housing costs that are generally lower than most other parts of the country, not to mention world-class beaches, warm weather all year round, and, even more enticingly — especially if you’re a millionaire celebrity — No State Income Tax. Prepare yourselves for the Top 10 Celebrities Homes in the state of Florida. From actors to rappers, to some of the richest people in the world, everyone apparently loves living in a state that almost never sees a flake of snow all year round.

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