[L-PRO] Pretty Little Psycho MEP

We finally have our first mep up! Everyone did a stunning job!
Even after having parts over one month late the mep turned out fabulous and I am so proud of all of my amazing members, I love you all so much!
A special thanks to XiiRaaTiiX and Benjizz z for being last minute replacements, you guys really helped me out and thanks to RandomVilte and OkamiRissi for being amazing guests!
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0:16 Part 1:XiiRaaTiiX
anime: Another

0:27 Part 2: Animecat889
anime: DanganRonpa

0:40 Part 3:ISwearToKira
anime: Haruhi Suzumiya

0:49 Part 4: xVoidLily
anime: Touhou

1:00 Part 5: Kirmazah
anime: DanganRonpa

1:11 Part 6: DoditoKuma
anime: Free!

1:22 Part 7: xViolaLy
anime: Akuma no Riddle

1:35 Part 8: Benjizz z
anime: DanganRonpa

1:48 Part 9: Atomikin
anime: Super DanganRonpa 2 & Tokyo Ghoul

1:59 Part 10:xVocaloidFanx
anime: Mekakucity Actors

2:12 Part 11:AngelKagome02
anime: Akuma no Riddle

2:23 Part 12: xXsnowystar
manga: Reborn

2:33 Part 13:xUsagiAngelx
anime: Haruhi Suzumiya

2:43 Part 14:TheFreakyAMV
anime: Magi

2:52 Part 15: catzoey14
anime: Tokyo Ravens

3:09 Part 16: RandomVilte
anime: Mirai Nikki

3:18 Part 17: OkamiRissi
anime: Amnesia

3:25 Part 18: Swissttery
anime: Mirai Nikki

Song – Pretty Little Psycho
Artist – porcelain black
Studio – LunaPRO
Programs – Sony vegas & After effects

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